The 9 Benefits to Putting in a Water Treatment Tank Lining

There are a few things that can be done if a water storage tank is leaking or showing other kinds of problems. You can have the water tank replaced or you can have a water treatment tank lining put in instead. Tank liners can extend the service life of your tanks and can be used on tanks of just about every size. If you are on the fence about what to do with your water tank, here are some reasons you may want to put in a water tank liner:

  1. It is more affordable. When compared to the cost of the replacement of the water tank, putting in a water treatment tank lining is a lot more cost-effective. If you have a leaking water tank and want to do something to repair it, it is far easier and more inexpensive to put in liners. When you have a replacement job done, you have to pay for the removal of the tank and the installation of the new tank.
  2. It takes a lot less time to put in a water treatment liner than to replace the tank. It just is easier to make repairs to a water tank and then put in liners than to take the entire thing out and then put a new one in. The disruption to your life is greatly minimized as most of the time, the whole process can take less than a day.
  3. Tank liners for water systems will extend the lifespan of the tank. When you have custom tank liners put in, you can make the entire structure more durable. In fact, water tanks that have been reinforced with a liner can last for another 15 years. If you get the entire tank replaced, you can expect to only get a guarantee of a year or so.
  4. It can help you comply with any regulations that impact your water tank. The United States Department of Environmental Protection does not place regulations on underground tanks with less than 110 gallons but it is always good to know a water tank would be in compliance. Water tank liners would help you comply with any environmental regulations so you know your water is safe.
  5. Liners are better at guarding your tank against corrosion. One issue with all water tanks is corrosion. One part of the design of all water tanks is that they can fall victim to corrosion. The rate at which your water tank will experience corrosion is based on the chemistry of the water, how much electricity is present, and the metal content. When you put in a water treatment tank lining, you can prevent a lot of the corrosion.
  6. Liners prevent the growth of micro bacteria in the water. When a water tank starts to experience corrosion or other issues of deterioration, the opportunities arise for the infiltration of micro bacteria which can cause illness. Some of the kinds of bacteria are biofilm, Pseudomonas, and legionella. When water treatment tank linings are added to water tanks, the lining itself can inhibit the growth of these bacteria making the water safer to drink.
  7. Liners are flexible. The walls of a water tank are not very flexible. Things underground will move and shift and can impact the walls of the tank. The good news about liners is that they can move as well. This helps maintain the integrity of the tank.
  8. Liners are easier to maintain. When a water treatment tank lining is installed, it will take a lot less work to maintain it. The walls of the liner are much easier to clean and take care of than the walls of a water tank.
  9. The work is guaranteed. When water treatment tank linings are installed, the work and the materials are guaranteed by the company that did the work so this can give you a lot of peace of mind that you may not get with the general repair or reinstallation of a water tank.

Access to clean, potable water is one of the most important things people need to stay healthy. In order to keep the water in your tank safe and healthy for you and your family to drink.

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