Looking for Product Mockups? Look No Further

Packaging is the third largest industry in the United States. Roughly 52% of consumers around the world make purchasing decisions partially based on whether packaging shows a brand making a positive social or environmental impact and 90% of consumers reuse product packaging boxes after their purchase.

Businesses have reported up to 30% increases in consumer interest after showing strong attention to their product packaging. More than 50% of consumers report that they will make additional purchases from a brand that uses premium retail packaging. This highlights the growing importance not only of companies and the use of packaging mockups but also of the cosmetic packaging and how it affects branding (and thereby the customer base). How do you know which types of mockups will go over well with your brand and customer base? What 3D product mockup is best to launch your new product and packaging? And why does all of this matter in the grand scheme of your business? Let’s take a look.

You might be asking yourself, what is a 3D product mockup or 3D packaging mockup? think about a packaging project. It’s really difficult to print the project on paper to build a 3D product mockup. It’s completely unfeasible if we are talking about glass bottles or something like that. It’s as close as you can get to the real printed piece during the design portion of your project. A 3D product mockup is also essential to understanding and visualizing how your ideas will print. In addition, they help your client understand what the final product will look like. Now these are not final printed pieces, just a representation of the relative size, shape, design and color. 3D product mockups are a great tool to sell your ideas to your client. And just like making a presentation board, or a 2D mockup, it’s important that you make your 3D mockup as clean and precise as possible. Nowadays, there are companies you can hire to create magnificent 3D product mockups for your company, eliminating the hassle of mock prototypes and high end transfers on the design side of things.

When is the right time to make a 3D product mockup? Well, that’s the thing. There isn’t one. It is up to an individual or company to decide when to launch new cosmetic packaging or a product, and this can be based on the business flow itself or how customers have responded to products and packaging over time. Let’s say you’ve spent a few years developing a product, and now the time has come for you to put that into packaging. You’ve hired a designer to design your packaging, and you’re paying them a lot of money. Wouldn’t you want to hold the packaging in your hands and see how your product would look before you give the okay to spend even more money and print the packaging or 3D product mockup? You wouldn’t just approve a rendering on the screen and look at a flat printout, would you? Using a packaging or 3D product mockup, a designer’s proposal can be more impressive and – most importantly – a client can better understand the final result.

If a company wants to use a mockup to show a project to the client, they can basically choose between two methods: they can try to design the 3D product mockup on their own, or they can use professional solutions. Trying to design a 3D product mockup from scratch is really time consuming. The mockup should add some value to a presentation, not the contrary, so a company needs time to achieve a professional result without using shortcuts. For companies and customers looking for new 3D product mockups and packaging prototypes, simplifying and speeding up the process by using a third party can sometimes be the better solution.

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