A Soundproof Booth for the Office Today

Many white-collar workers are hard at work in offices across the United States, and these offices have everything that a worker needs, from their desk, computer, and phone all the way to a water cooler, break room, and copier machine. But a modern office also has some things that a worker would not want, such as noise pollution. An office can be a noisy place, and with other workers having phone conversations or simply chatting out in the open, an office is packed with distractions. And that is not even counting sounds such as traffic outside, the air conditioner, or the microwave of copier. All this noise can harm a worker’s concentration and elevate their stress, and this can result in higher rates of work errors. Worse, a client or customer on the phone will be unhappy with the quality of their phone conversation, which can be a real issue. The solution is the installation of soundproof booth technology, and a soundproof booth with a telephone in it can be a lifesaver. When a manager chooses to have contractors build a phone booth in the office, this can offer respite from office distractions. Phone booth office space cuts out the noise and boosts productivity.

A Soundproof Office Booth And You

Why is a soundproof booth so useful in today’s offices? All those noise distractions like other phone conversations can weigh on a worker’s nerves and patience, so a soundproof phone booth can allow for better phone conversations with clients and customers alike. A soundproof booth has a fairly simple design: four walls and a roof with soundproof technology in them, and a desk space for the phone, along with a set and enough desk space for other materials such as a stack of papers, a binder, a laptop, or anything else that the occupant needs. A soundproof booth will cut noises roughly in half in volume and strength (or more), and studies have shown that this can be a real boon for the occupant’s concentration, stress levels, and the quality of their phone conversations. What do the numbers show?

Once a worker is inside a soundproof booth to have phone conversations, about 51% of workplace noise is blocked out, and this can raise a worker’s concentration by as much as 48%, not to mention lower their stress levels by as much as 27%. These combined factors allow a worker to get their job done more easily, and in general, an office employee inside a soundproof booth may make 10% fewer work errors, meaning that time is saved not having to correct so many errors. And not only does this benefit the worker’s concentration, but it is also helpful to whoever is on the other end of the phone line as well. Many customers may give up on a company after even just one bad customer service phone call, and if a worker cannot hear their customer (or be heard) over workplace distractions, this can seriously hamper the phone conversation’s quality. Thus, an employee inside a soundproof booth can save the company money by boosting customer service quality and ensuring that the customer is always happy with their phone conversations. Something similar can be said about business-to-business (B2B) calls. Difficulty hearing a person or being heard can make a bad impression on other business’ workers, and this may led nowhere good. A soundproof phone booth is the solution.

An manager may hire contractors to install one or more soundproof phone booths into the office if enough employees are complaining about workplace distractions, and if many customers are upset about the phone conversations, these factors can lead to the installation of several soundproof phone booths. Meanwhile, a related concept is a virtual office, where workers stay at their residences and use the Internet to connect to their co-workers and share files on secure internet Cloud services. A remote employee is spared all workplace distractions since they aren’t even there, and this leads to better phone calls and concentration. Remote workers also free up time since they are not commuting, and they can use that extra time to be more productive during the day. A remote worker also avoids illnesses spread at the office.

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