Where to Get Your Tompkins County Local News

Staying informed about local news is essential for understanding community developments, participating in local events, and making informed decisions. In Tompkins County, residents have several reliable sources for local news, each offering unique perspectives and coverage. Here are some of the best places to get your Tompkins County local news.

Tompkins Weekly
Tompkins Weekly is a premier source for local news in Tompkins County.

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This publication focuses on community stories, providing in-depth coverage of local government, education, business, and cultural events. Whether you prefer a physical copy or the convenience of a digital edition, Tompkins Weekly ensures you stay connected with your community. The E Edition, in particular, offers real-time updates and easy access on various devices, making it a convenient option for busy readers.

The Ithaca Journal
The Ithaca Journal is one of the most established newspapers in the area, offering comprehensive coverage of Tompkins County. With a rich history of reporting on local news, The Ithaca Journal covers a wide range of topics, including politics, crime, education, and sports. Their website provides up-to-date news and articles, while the print edition offers a traditional reading experience. Subscriptions are available for both digital and print formats, catering to different reader preferences.

Ithaca Times
For those looking for alternative viewpoints and in-depth features, the Ithaca Times is an excellent choice. This weekly publication is known for its investigative journalism, opinion pieces, and detailed reports on local issues. The Ithaca Times also covers arts, entertainment, and lifestyle stories, offering a well-rounded perspective on life in Tompkins County. The print edition is available at various local outlets, and the website provides easy access to articles and archives.

WSKG Public Media
WSKG Public Media is a valuable resource for local news, particularly for those who prefer broadcast journalism. WSKG offers news coverage through its radio and television stations, providing updates on regional and local news, weather, and events. Their website features news articles, podcasts, and videos, making it easy to stay informed through multiple formats. As a public media outlet, WSKG focuses on community-centric reporting and educational content.

Ithaca Voice
The Ithaca Voice is an online-only news outlet dedicated to providing timely and relevant news to the residents of Tompkins County. With a strong emphasis on digital journalism, The Ithaca Voice covers breaking news, local government, business developments, and community events. Their website is updated frequently, ensuring readers have access to the latest information. The Ithaca Voice also encourages community engagement through comments and social media interaction.

WHCU News Radio
For live updates and real-time news, WHCU News Radio is a top choice. This local radio station offers news broadcasts throughout the day, covering a wide range of local stories and events. WHCU also features talk shows and interviews with local leaders, providing deeper insights into community issues. Listening to WHCU News Radio is an excellent way to stay informed while on the go.

Local Blogs and Social Media
In addition to traditional news outlets, local blogs and social media groups can be valuable sources of information. Community blogs often focus on niche topics and provide grassroots perspectives on local issues. Social media groups on platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer real-time updates and discussions, connecting residents with the latest happenings in Tompkins County.

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