The Fascinating Journey of Donated Clothing

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Many people feel that their homes are becoming cluttered with textile. You’ll find that there is a way to clean your home while doing something truly great. It’s wise to free up clutter within your home by donating gently used items to those in need. You will likely get a great feeling of satisfaction from donating clothes that you aren’t using. Here is how you can help the world around you by donating gently used clothing.

Getting Donated Clothing Out of Your Home

It’s understandable to wonder where clothing donations are supposed to go. Many people work with companies accepting donations that pick up at home. Having your items picked up at your home makes it easier for people to donate. Certain people may have various reasons where they physically can’t make it a donation drop box. Working with companies providing donations that pick up at home is beneficial for many people. You might be unaware that donations of clothing are allowed to be written off for tax purposes. A typical men’s overcoat or suit is worth about $60 as a tax write off.

Clothing and Warming Those in Need

Statistics show that American donate about 4.7 billion pounds of clothes per year. Many of these clothing items will immediately go to helping those in need. Clothes are donated to people who are less fortunate. Some used items will be sold to secondhand clothing stores. In 2006, nearly 2.5 billion pounds of textile were removed from landfills through the purchase of used clothing.

Recycling Textiles While Saving the Plant

Clothes donations that don’t end up helping those in need are often recycled. These recycled pieces of clothing save space from landfills. A major problem throughout the world is that landfills are already facing overcrowding problems. Landfills that remain overfilled begin to seep into nearby water supplies, creating additional problems.

In closing, donating clothes provides several benefits. You can either donate clothes by dropping them off or contacting a company accepting donations that pick up at home to make things easier. Your clothes donations often go on various paths. Certain clothes will be sold by secondhand clothing stores, helping to put money back into charities. Other pieces of textile are recycled which saves them from going to already overcrowded landfills.

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