How To Prevent Screen Blinding And Material Buildup During Milling Operations

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In milling operations, a two-compartment barrel mill machine is used for dry milling low-to-medium hard construction materials. However, the milling process can often result in a material build up because of the heat that’s generated during operations. Additionally, vibratory screeners can be blinded by the hardening of mill parts.

This can be a problem as screen blinding and material build up can put a stopper on a milling operation’s productivity. Fortunately, there’s an array of cooling methods a milling operator can use in order to prevent these problems from happening.

  1. Cool the air stream with liquid nitrogen
    Cooling the air stream using liquid nitrogen is the traditional cooling method when using a mechanical grinding milling system. The liquid nitrogen can help to prevent embrittling and oxidization.
  2. Use refrigerated air
    Using refrigerated air or cool air can help to cool down the machines if the temperature increase during the milling process isn’t doing the best. The refrigerated cooling helps to dehumidify the air to benefit the milling equipment you may have that may be hygroscopic.
  3. Use ambient air flow
    To prevent material build up in your machine, you can use ambient air flow at a higher level. This can keep the material cool and therefore less likely to accumulate unhelpfully in the machine.
  4. Use dry ice
    This type of cooling method works only when your milling system and materials are able to withstand cold temperatures. Therefore, before using this method of cooling it’s important that you first consult with your machine manufacturer. Dry ice can help to cool materials when materials you’re using in the mill are heat-sensitive and coarse.
  5. Use compressed air
    Compressed air cans can be used for more than just cleaning keyboards. It’s also used in the motive force of a jet mill. Compressed air can cool the air in the machine to temperatures of 41F to 50F. This allows the jet mill to continue running without material buildup because the airflow keeps the system at the same, or near the same, initial temperature as the compressed air.

Because of the heat generated during the operation of a milling machine, it can be challenging to keep material from building up in the system and blinding the screen. By using cooling methods, you can help to keep material building and screen blinding from happening and reducing your machine’s output.

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