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Nearly everybody has old clothing that they don’t wear any more. Where do you put it? Some decide to push it into the back of their closets, or hide them in a container the garage. Unfortunately, some people even throw them away. Each year, the average person in the U.S. throws away up to 70 pounds of fabric products. These are all the wrong choice when it comes to getting rid of old clothes. The best thing you can do with any clothes that are old, don’t fit any more, or that you are just plain tired of, is to give them to purple heart clothing donations.

Purple heart is one of the best charities to donate to. Not to mention, donating clothing is always a quick and easy process. Around 4.7 million pounds of clothing in the U.S. is donated every year. That’s a lot of charity towards those who need it, and there are still plenty out there who could use your help.

1. Pre-Donation Process

Before donating used clothing to purple heart clothing donations, there is a process you should follow. First, begin with gathering all old clothing and make sure that they are in decent condition. Damaged clothing items that are torn, cut, or very worn out should not be donated to a charity directly. Some charities may be able to take sorted damaged items to be recycled and made into something else. Almost all textiles and fabrics can be used to make something else, regardless of the quality. All good clothing that will be given to charity should be washed beforehand.

2. Where and When You Can Donate

Purple heart clothing donations has centers where clothing can be handed in. There are also services where your donations can be picked up at your door. Clothing donations are accepted any time as long as it is during normal business hours.

3. Where do Donations go?

After your donation is received by purple heart clothing donations, they will go through another process. All clothing is transported to a warehouse where they will be sorted. Sorting is conducted to make sure clothes are in decent quality and that everything is actual clothing items. Items may go through washing as well. After this process they will be transported to areas where the clothing is needed and then distributed to people in need.

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