All About Your Next Advertising and The Success of Direct Mail


If you want to take your business to the next level, you may want to try wholesale printing and direct mail. Instead of sending endless newsletters that may not even get opened, why not send your information straight to the source?

If you create and design your advertisement just right, the recipient will be less likely to toss it in the trash. The trick is to offer them something, make your recipient feel like they are getting something out of it and not just you. For example, if you want to give them a postcard for a coupon or a voucher, you’ll likely make some sales. Approximately 66% more people are more likely to use a voucher if they have a physical copy in their hand. Also, 92% of shoppers say they would rather receive direct mail when they consider shopping options. Direct mail household response rate comes in at a whopping 37%, which is in comparison to .02% with internet display.

According to a study conducted by USPS, more than 60% of people who received direct mail were influenced to visit a specific website and the greatest influence came from first-time shoppers. If you’re unsure of what type of advertisement to send out, try an oversized postcard. Approximately 5.0% of oversized postcards have a successful response rate over other sizes of postcards. An amazing statistic states that 39% of customers claim they give a company a try due to their direct mail advertising.

When you choose wholesale printing services for your direct mail needs, you can make your advertisements look professional with different types of finish, such as glossy or another type. Not to mention, you’ll be saving money as you will be printing them out in bulk and getting a discounted price, compared to printing out one by one at your own home or at another location. Tampa printing has a lot to offer. Because they have experience, they know all about direct mail in Tampa and can give you pointers on your design to allow you the most ROI on your new campaign.

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