Website Design And SEO: How These Two Are Linked

How your website design affects SEO is a question many web designers and businesses need to answer. First, you have to know the basics of what SEO is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means that it’s about how well your website performs in search engine results pages (SERPS). It isn’t just about how many backlinks you have or how often people share your content on social media – it’s also about the design of your site.

Clutter Negatively Affects SEO

Google prefers websites with less clutter. The simpler your website is, the more likely it will rank high on Google search engine ranking pages (SERP) for any specific keywords related to your business or website niche! If you’ve got an online store, then keep in mind there should be a clean checkout process and easy-to-find contact information so customers can purchase something from you as easily as possible.

Better Graphics Lower Bounce Rates

If your web design does not have enough graphics, you’re going to see many people bounce out. They don’t want to read paragraphs and paragraphs on a screen that is too small or blurry! When visitors land at your site, they should be able to easily understand what it offers so they can convert into customers. The more attractive the website looks with crisp fonts and clear images, the higher chance there is for increased conversion rates which means more business.

Better Navigation and User Experience Will Help SEO

The link between ease of navigation and user experience can be seen when examining how efficient websites provide users what they want with as few clicks as possible. This includes having clear menus and an intuitive page layout so that visitors find their way around without feeling frustrated by poor site structure or getting lost among headings on each page.

As part of enhancing navigation and user experience on your website you need to know:

  • What buttons go where on your form
  • How many fields need to be included in a given form field group
  • If you should use inline validation messages for every input as opposed to just one error message when the entire form fails validation

It is also important to incorporate strong navigational links in all web pages. This includes having good search engine optimization (SEO) keywords in bold font near the top of each web page; this signifies the importance of that keyword to the website design, content, and SEO.

Page Load Speed Is Also Important

When designing a website, page load speed should be taken into consideration. As web designers know, this can be tricky because the total size of your website is usually determined by how much text you include in it and what images and videos are part of it. The best thing to do would be to minimize everything that’s unnecessary for site visitors so they don’t have to wait forever when visiting your website.

Again, search engine crawlers usually take site speed into account when determining rankings. If your website loads slowly, it will hurt the SEO of your site because Google might think there are problems on the page or that you’re serving a lot of spammy ads that slow things down.

Not only does a poorly designed website not rank well in search engines, but statistics show that about 38% of users stop interacting with one if its layout is unattractive. If you are looking for an award-winning website design, then let us help you out! We can make your website stand out from the rest. We can also help with keyword analysis and content marketing.

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