NDT Steam Turbine Testing

Steam turbines are based on a very simplistic idea. They take water and turn it into steam. The steam then moves the turbines, which in turn creates electricity. While it is a perfectly simple activity, there are quite a few intricate parts that are required to make that all happen. Steam turbine testing is necessary to ensure that all those parts continue to work together without problems.

Steam turbines operate under extremely high heat conditions which can put an unusual amount of wear and tear on individual parts. Regular steam turbine testing will ensure that any small issues are addressed before they turn into full blown problems.

Overcoming Physical Complexities

Before borescope inspections, managing steam turbine testing was a true challenge. Steam turbines are physically complex which can make it difficult to visually inspect and test. Before borescope services, steam turbine testing services would have to manually remove parts of the turbine to do a complete inspection and test.

Removing a blade of the turbine for steam turbine testing is never a good idea. It can cause an array of problems. NDT (non-destructive testing) is a much better way to carry out steam turbine testing and inspections.

Non Destructive Testing Is the Best Solution

Steam turbines operate under high degrees of temperature and high pressure. Between the heat and the pressure, it is not unusual for parts and components to develop small fissures or cracks which will affect the operation.

In the past, parts, and components would have to be removed to visually inspect the turbine. This “destructive” testing takes a lot of time and effort and often would result in unexpected damage. Borescope services is an NDT method of thoroughly inspecting a steam turbine. Borescope services can easily identify areas that need maintenance and steam turbine repairs without tearing everything apart.

Third-party steam turbine testing services that use NDT can quickly and easily keep your turbine running safely. It is a great option for early interventions, maintenance, repairs, and keeping up to code with your testing.

Testing, Maintenance, And Repairs

Steam turbines are workhorses. With the proper testing, maintenance, and repairs they can operate efficiently for many years. The right support from a trusted source can partner with you to ensure that your turbines continue to deliver safe, reliable operations.

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