Service Vs. Hospitality

In this video, you will learn about hospitality. When you are a part of the restaurant industry, it is hard not to notice every little thing when you are dining out. Phrases and mantras begin to resonate in your mind and hold a different meaning. All of the mundane questions and shouting out specials are very impersonal and lead to the customer feeling like they are not important. Oftentimes, people don’t realize how their words hold weight and that sometimes they can come off as impersonal.

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Phrases like “Are you still working on that?” are a good example of this. Verbal wallpaper has no general meaning. This is a typical restaurant experience. Is this hospitality? Perhaps they care about the customers, but that is called service by default. Servers become food transporters, and the clients become just a number. The biggest missing piece in the hospitality industry is hospitality. We are a culture that cares about the process, than more the people. Instead of feeling welcomed and wanted, we feel like a number. We need to put hospitality ahead of service. When hospitality is being provided, a lot of the positive outcomes happen naturally and with ease.

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