Notify the Public About Church Events With Marquee Signs

Outdoor church signs

Did you know that 35% of people would not have discovered a certain place if it had not been for the sign out front? Yes, signs are always changing with the times – from the signs you see in front of schools that announce new sports events, to church marquee signs that pull you in for a service, whether it’s on Christmas, or just on your normal Sunday when the time is right. Digital signs, outdoor church signs, and school LED signs are changing the way we look at businesses and more, and giving us a wide scope of advertisement we never knew we had with today’s technology. Even businesses are starting to excel in our times due to their marketing and advertisements. Don’t you want your business to be seen in real life, in a way that it hasn’t been before? Signs will help pull in customers to any business, no matter what you sell. 68% of people have stated in surveys that they tend to make shopping decisions while they are in the car, which is why you can’t limit your business to sole Internet advertisement.

Making Businesses and Events Interesting

What would we do without signs? Signs point us to many of the events we don’t want to miss, and ones we might have not heard about. As drivers are making their way across the highway, they may see a sign for a major sale at an outlet and decide to stop there. Would that have happened if that sign was never placed there in the first place? If a church marquee sign wasn’t out front signaling that Christmas service was at 7 a.m., how would churchgoers know that their service was going to be earlier that day? Signs tell all, and we’re listening. Studies have shown that placing a sign and changing it when necessary can actually improve sales revenue. And for some businesses, LEDs may be the best choice because they tend to get the most attention as they move and portray bright lights that pull your attention directly to them.

Signs help us keep an interest in the world around us. Because they play such a huge role in businesses, consider adding one to your business today.

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