Opening a New Business? Create a Solid Customer Base With Excellent Signage!

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Would your company benefit from having more business? If so, have you given more thought to your store’s signage? Studies show that signs definitely make a difference in whether or not a business receives traffic. Having excellent signage is also considered to be part of creating a positive customer service. A 2011 report indicated that is also a significant selling factor. In fact, the report revealed that 86% of consumers will pay even more when they have a better shopping experience.

You may, for example, be interested in an annual cost comparison between store or merchandizing signage and radio or television commercials. In order to reach 1,000 adults, it costs between three cents and 37 cents when you have signage, such as a window sign holder with suction cups. To contrast, it can cost between $4.05 to $7.75 to reach 1,000 adults for a 30-second commercial.

Data from 2014 indicates that there are about 30,000 SKUs launched on an annual basis. Given this, it’s not surprising that on a daily basis, consumers are exposed to 3,000 ads and other types of promotional messages. When consumers go shopping, they may or may not remain with their usual brand. Given that they make the decision as to whether to buy a competitor’s brand or their usual brand within three to seven seconds, they do make quite a few impulse purchases.

Recent data shows that as many as six to ten of the purchases people make can be described as impulse buys. How items are displayed, as well as how they are labeled, makes a significant difference in this regard. In addition to a window sign holder with suction cups, other types of signage that can assist with leading people to find what they need or want are indoor sign stands, literature holders, and other types of retail displays.

Many consumers will engage in product research on their smartphones. However, after they conduct this research, about 77% of these consumers will visit a brick-and-mortar store to complete their purchases. It’s interesting to note that when full-priced merchandise has good signage, it sells 18% better than when merchandise doesn’t have a display or other type of sign, such as a window sign holder with suction cups.

Since you’re obviously in business to succeed, it makes sense to determine whether or not your current exterior and interior signs are bringing customers to your door. If you’re not aware of all of the possibilities for store signs, why not contact a local sign company today? You may also want to consider working with a business consultant or advertising and marketing firm to assist you with meeting and exceeding your business goals.

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