Why You Should Use a Digital Marquee Sign

A school marquee is an essential tool in any educational institution. It’s a piece of powerful communication equipment that helps to raise awareness to both students and faculties alike.

However, using the old type of school marquee is now starting to be ineffective. This old and traditional wood signage no longer grabs attention. Most people will just blindside this old type of billboard since it’s no longer eye-catching.

Your school needs to evolve if you want to retain and add more enrollees. While you can upgrade other school facilities to keep up, you need to switch to using a digital marquee sign as well. Not only will you get your messages noticed by everyone, but it also improves the school image.

Still not convinced if upgrading your school marquee is really worth it? Here are some of the many benefits if you start using digital signs for school:

Increases Your School’s Enrollees

Did you know that an outdoor billboard remains one of the most effective forms of advertisement? A recent poll shows that around 26% of the respondents acknowledged and remembered a telephone number or website address after seeing it on an outdoor billboard. More than one-third of these respondents admit to looking at an outdoor advertisement every time they pass by.

If you have effective electronic signs for schools in place, you’ll be able to capture the attention of people who are walking or driving by. It can be a great tool to attract new enrollees to your school because of the bright lights and inviting colors.

School LED signs can give an excellent first impression of your school. Think about it, parents tend to be more interested in your school since you show how open your school is to technological changes.

If you’re going to show your awards and achievements, it’s more noticeable in bright and colorful lights than on wooden signs that almost nobody pays attention to anymore.

Improves Communication in the Campus

Regardless of whether it’s timely or accurate, communication is ineffective if it doesn’t reach its target audience. Students, school staff, and parents will notice more what you’re trying to communicate if you have a digital marquee sign installed in your school.

Do you want to announce an upcoming event or a guest speaker? Using LED school signs can grab everyone’s attention and help make them aware. You can remind students of the following exam dates or display parent-teachers meetings effectively.

Since these LED signs are programmable, you can set them to scroll or rotate messages, you’re not limited by the number of characters you can use.

Furthermore, if there are any changes with the schedule, you can quickly update the message on the digital marquee sign.

Displays Information Better

You can either have a large outdoor LED school sign in front of your campus or go with smaller ones installed in different locations on the school grounds. Regardless of which type of installation you choose, you can be sure that people on campus can read your messages because it’s not dull.

A digital sign can help you update it quickly, allowing you to display emergency messages on time. Do you need to announce sudden class suspension? You can show them on all your LED signs simultaneously.

Since these signs are powered by LED technology, you’re sure that they can remain readable even if at night or when it’s foggy. Besides, these signs are impossible to tamper with compared to traditional marquees.

Effectively Boosts School Morale

Is your school’s basketball or baseball team taking the lead this year? No matter their performance, you can use a digital marquee sign to boost everyone’s morale. You can also use this to congratulate the team on every game they’re playing. Since you can quickly change the information, you can have scores updated every now and then keep everyone updated.

On the same note, you can show your school’s motto or share motivational quotes to encourage your students. If there are students who topped the regional exams, you can also display their names and inspire other students to perform well.

Make Your School Abreast with Technological Changes

Use a digital marquee sign for your school and keep up with the technological advancements. You won’t only be improving your school’s image, but you’ll also be enhancing communication throughout the campus.

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