Marketing Your School with Digital School Signs

School electronic signs

Regardless of the business, organization, or school you are operating, signage is vitally important to your success and how people view your location. Outside signage needs to be visible, eye-catching,clear, and easy to read.

The first thing to consider is where the sign will be most visible to the road. You want people driving by to be able to see your sign and know where you are located. This means have the sign facing the direction that will enable it to be sign from cars driving in either direction. You also need to make sure the sign is not obstructed by trees or bushes in anyway.

The sign needs to be well maintained. Painted letters tat are faded or peeling are not easy to read, and light up signs that are partially burned out leave drivers wondering what it should have said. Even if people in the area know the name of your business, school, or organization, a sign that is not well maintained appears unprofessional and reflects poorly on your location.

Finally, you want your sign to be eye catching and highly visible, even at night. You can accomplish this with bright colors and LED lights. LED signs are crisp, clear, and easy to read in full daylight or in the dead of night.

Several studies have shown that the signage alone can increase business for retail locations. One study showed that nearly thirty-five percent of people reported only knowing where a store was because of their signage. Another study showed that well over eighty percent of customers live within five miles of the stores they ship at, which means street signage is one of the businesses most important marketing materials.

Nearly seventy percent of consumers reported that they made shopping decisions while driving and have been swayed to make a decision when seeing a retail sign. Others report making decisions based on billboard signage.

What does this mean for a church or school though? How can these studies and this information help them. First, it makes it clear that people do read signs while driving. A district having digital school signs is worth the investment because it is a proven way to communicate with those in the neighborhood.

Full color LED signs are both eye catching and clear. They allow the school or church to create different and eye catching messages to share with those driving by. It can be used as a billboard of information for upcoming services or events, or it can be sued for a daily thought, message, or joke.

LED signs for schools are becoming more and more common as districts have realized they can use them as last minute reminders. They can post meeting dates, game days, or general announcements on them. They are easier to read and operate than the old-school signs that meant individuals going outside with a box of plastic letters each day and changing out the message.

School LED signs can also be used to announce snow days, early dismissal days, or no school days, so parents driving by or to the school can see what is going on. The message can be set remotely, so administrators don’t have to go in an bad weather weather days to change the sign.

Digital school signs are also an effective marketing tool. As mentioned, they look more professional than other options. They are easy to maintain and to change, so they look consistently better. They make it clear where the school is located,but also where the main entrance is since most school shave multiple driveways or entrances.

Digital school signs can be used to announce open house dates, registration dates, or phone numbers to call for information. Having a sign that is changed regularly communicates to those in the neighbor that the school is active, productive, and the there are a wide range of activities for the students.

Finally, digital school signs are worth the investment because they are easier to maintain and hold up better to the elements. Any kind of painted sign will be quickly impacted by bad weather, which makes them a constant maintenance issue. Digital LED signs eliminate those problems.

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