Can Social Security Attorneys Help Claimants Who Have Missed Court Appearances for Hearings?

Q: Can Social Security attorneys help claimants whose doctors are not providing supporting documents for a disability claim?

A: Having a supportive physician is extremely important for a claim. Claimants whose doctors are not supportive of their decision to apply for disability insurance can benefit from the assistance of Social Security attorneys. Social security attorneys can often obtain the medical paperwork necessary to support a disability claim more quickly and easily than claimants can. If it is determined that a claimant’s doctor is actually not supportive of his or her decision to apply for disability or will not provide a statement on behalf of the patient, an attorney can help find a new physician. Social Security attorneys will assure that all supporting medical records and paperwork are thorough and correctly submitted. So claimants who currently have a non responsive or unsupportive physician can benefit greatly from the assistance Social Security attorneys can provide.

Q: What happens if a claimant misses his or her court date for a disability hearing?

A: It is extremely important that claimants not miss their court dates for disability hearings. Claimants should know the date, time and location of their court appearances. They should arrange for transportation well in advance, know the rules of that particular court, dress appropriately and conduct themselves in an honest and professional manner. The court will honor some reasons for absence and grant a new court appearance if it is determined that those are legitimate and beyond the claimant’s control. Claimants who have missed their court dates and do not currently have legal representation should seek the counsel of Social Security attorneys to help them obtain a new court date. Once a new date has been established, it is important to not miss it, as it is likely a new date will not be given again.

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