How the Experts Assemble Scaffolding

Any construction project with inaccessible areas inside or outside a structure is a good candidate for scaffolding. This video shows how a local scaffold rental company assembles scaffolding.

While assembling a scaffold can be challenging, erecting a scaffold has become easier with steel and aluminum scaffolding towers for homes available on the market.

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Despite its strength and durability, you can use aluminum to assemble a four-meter tall building in less than three minutes.

The first step in assembling a scaffold is to ensure the surface can withstand the structure’s weight. Avoid soft or soggy soil, and remove any material in the way to make a flat surface. You don’t want the base to slide. Stand on a level surface, and if you’re unsure, use a spirit level. The next step involves locking your tubes, clamping, and constructing both sides of the scaffold. Once done, elevate each side and fasten the cross braces. In addition, secure any additional braces and supports necessary to create a safe and rigid framework. Complete the process by placing lumber on top of the scaffolding. Ensure the lumber is of the plank grade, as using plywood with knots can be dangerous. Be sure the wood extends across the structure. Repeat the process until you reach the required height.

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