5 Jobs You Can Get as an LPN Right Now

Choosing a career as a licensed practicing nurse (LPN) is a lucrative and rewarding path that acts as a stepping stone for several opportunities. There are multiple jobs you can get as a practicing nurse, including neonatal care, telemetry nursing, and oncology. LPN is a versatile career that enables you to function in many capacities and provide medical and extended care. While challenging, this profession is highly sought after by many people because it opens several avenues for advancing one’s career path. This video shows 5 LPN jobs you can get in this field and why they are rewarding.

LPN nurses qualify for a variety of professional tasks.

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They are skilled in rational medication, giving injections, and performing lab testing. An RN can change catheters, record blood pressure, and track vital signs. These nurses also qualify for complex patient care and are a go-to resource as support staff in health care facilities. LPN involves specialized training that expands medical knowledge and equips personnel with the necessary skills to tackle several challenges. It is an advance from the general associate’s degree course offered for regular nurses and compounds an understanding of the medical practice.

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