How You Can Build a Small Electronic Enclosure The Basics

Virtually all electronics need enclosures to keep their components safe. Small electronic enclosures are typically made of metal because it’s durable and hard enough to protect electrical components for a long time. Metal enclosures can be expensive, but people can build them independently.

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How can people build small electronic enclosures?

According to the narrator in the video, the first step of building an electronic enclosure is determining the size. To do this, people can place the components they want to enclose on a table, take their dimensions, and leave room for cabling and flexibility.

The second step of building an electronic enclosure is transferring the dimensions to the sheet metal. To do this, the builder can make a stencil to help them replicate markings without taking measurements all over again.

The third step is transferring the markings on the stencil to the sheet metal. The builder can typically do this using a felt pen and ruler.
The fourth step comprises using metal shears to cut the sheet metal to the desired size.

The fifth step is bending the sheet metal. For this step, the builder should use clamps to hold the sheet metal in place as they bend it.

The final step is screwing the different parts together and painting them.

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