Dirty Tricks Unethical Bail Bondsman Use

When incarcerated for a crime, you can pay a bail bond and pursue the court case from home instead of jail. If you do not have the full bail amount, you can use the services of a bail bonds company. You will pay them 10% of the bail amount, and they will pay the full bail amount to the government while you will owe them the remainder.

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The video shows the unethical behavior of those who work in the bail bonds industry that keeps their customers in debt and unlikely to use their services again.

Unethical commercial bail bond providers may break the law to extort and intimidate their clients. It happens when one is late for payment. They will threaten to put you in jail or to do unlawful things to you unless you make your premium payments. It is against the law for bail bond providers to jail their clients for non-payment.

Commercial bail bond providers are also likely to put you in jail if they suspect you are likely to run. If they do this, they will still demand that your family pay for any unpaid amounts. Money paid to the bail bond companies is also not refundable even when you do not go to prison.

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