How The Pros Deep Clean Gravestones

Cleaning gravestones at least once annually helps prevent decay and grime and keeps the memories of a loved one fresh. This video illustrates the cleaning process for easy comprehension. Before embarking on the cleaning process, collecting the required supplies based on the gravestone material is important.

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Suppose the gravestone is made of bronze, granite, or marble. An individual will need to evaluate their condition first. Never use hard-bristle brushes on cracking, crumbling, or flaking gravestones. Avoid power washing, bleach, and scraping as well.

Marble, slate, and sandstone gravestones gradually fade after cleaning. As a result, they should be cleaned after every ten years. Start the cleaning process by soaking the gravestone using a bucket full of clean water or using a hose to spray water across the surface. Use non-ionic cleaning detergents to clean granite headstones. The recommended solution should be five gallons of water per ounce of non-ionic cleaning detergent. Apply the solution gently to the gravestone using a brush. Test the solution before applying it to guarantee excellent results. Scrub the headstone from bottom to top using a soft-bristle brush while avoiding flaking or scratched areas. Rinse the gravestone off with a bucket of water or hose until the cleaning solution clears off.

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