Managed and Unmanaged Hosting Which is Better?

If you want to get your website online, you’ll need a server hosting plan. There are many types of plans available, such as shared hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, and dedicated hosting. If you’re shopping for a VPS or Dedicated Server, then you’ll most likely have to choose between a Managed and Unmanaged service as well.

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What’s the difference?

Put simply, unmanaged hosting offers more control over your server, whereas managed hosting provides an easier experience and a higher level of support. Both options have their merits, but it depends on your individual needs. Therefore, it’s important to understand the differences between Managed and Unmanaged hosting, VPS, and Dedicated servers.

Managed hosting is always going to be more expensive than unmanaged hosting for the equivalent resources. This makes sense — you’re getting more services (and the host is doing more work), so of course they’re going to charge you extra.

Understanding these differences will not only expand your knowledge but also help you to choose the hosting solution that’s right for your website.

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