What to Consider Before Becoming an Electrician

Any working industry has its fair share of ups and downs, but some are far more complicated and taxing than others. When it comes to tradesman, some of the cons of work are often associated with bodily harm or danger. Whether you are a welder, an electrician, or a commercial tree worker, there are things you wish were different about your workday. In this video, we will look into several factors you should consider before jumping headfirst into the world of commercial electrical work.

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First of all, being an electrician requires you to work at several abnormal hours. If you are on call, you may have to get up at 3am, which could absolutely demolish your regular sleep schedule. You need to be flexible with when you put in your hours, and you need to be able to wake up and function very quickly. Additionally, electricians are assigned a specific uniform for when they go on a job. This uniform definitely isn’t made for all seasons, and chances are you won’t be comfortable working outside for most of the year. Being in the electrical industry requires a lot of flexibility and patience.


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