How Locksmiths Make Keys

In this video, you will learn about how a locksmith makes a key. Locksmiths have a lot of elements in their job, but making keys is a very important one. Keys are unique to each specific lock.

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If a key gets lost or damaged, it is hard to replace it. Luckily, an experienced locksmith will have the tools and skills to be able to make a new key even when the original key is not available. There are a few techniques that they do to make a new key. The first technique is called impressioning. This is a special technique and requires a certain skill set. Impressioning takes time and work, like any other skill. The hardest part about impressioning is figuring out what key blank the lock takes. It is much easier to recreate the key when you have the key blank in front of you. When you don’t have the key blank in front of you, it is necessary to determine which key blank best fits the lock. This skill takes a lot of practice but is necessary for a locksmith to learn. Keep watching this video for more information!

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