Hiring a Dental Consultant: It’s a No Brainer!

As humans and professionals, we usually don’t like to admit that we might be in the wrong on something. This can be anything from workflow to hiring or keeping our books straight. Business, just like life, often runs better when it’s been optimized to work for our exact conditions and practices instead of chaos. If your dental practice could use a little work, then perhaps it’s time to seek out consultants for dentists.

When you hire dental practice management consultants, you’ll get advice on everything from equipment financing to opening/closing hours. They’ll be able to analyze your business with ease and come up with the best solutions that personally fit your area, type of practice, and skillset. It’s almost like having a personal trainer for your dental practice, except at the end you’ll be making more money and have other reasons to smile!

Delegate Salaries and Expenses for Maximum Profit

The goal of any business, whether it’s a hardware store or a dental practice, is to turn a profit and be a good investment of time for those involved. Whether you’re a dentist or a hygienist, your salary must be commensurate with the work you put in and how much profit you bring to the office. For example, hygienist salaries should be 30-33% of their production. Periodontal therapy procedures should be 30% of their production. Proper radiology and X-ray protocols need to be followed so that there is no unnecessary waste. When you hire consultants for dentists that know what they’re doing, all of this is factored into your business so that you are able to get the maximum profit out of your enterprise.

Optimize and Configure Your Workflow

Dental practice advisors can fulfill many roles, but perhaps one of the most useful is optimizing your workflow and making sure that you’re running your office efficiently. If you’re wasting time on unnecessary tasks, or consistently blowing expenses where you could be making income, they will be able to take on a third party role in telling you about it objectively. Workflow can be as simple as stopping certain processes, or as complicated as having specific times where employees should be to help patients or other associates out when possible. Loose schedules work better in some offices, while military efficiency rules in others. You must find exactly what works for you and your employees best to get the maximum productivity, and hiring a consultant can often be the best way to observe and remedy this.

Reduce or Eliminate Waste

We tend to think of waste as trash, but it can really be anything that takes away from your business’s main goal. When you’re talking about consultants for dentists doing their best work to minimize waste, they’re going to be observing how you interact with your patients from start to finish and what happens in between. If you’re wasting time or energy on processes that don’t produce returns for you, they’ll let you know about them and help you identify why you’re still doing these behaviors. Often times we’re not even aware that we’re wasting time, money, or resources because we are caught up in our “normal” routines that we’ve always done. Therefore, a consultant can be a great help as an objective third party that points out our flaws and gives us opportunities to correct them.

Everyone Needs a Little Help Sometimes

It can be tough to decide to bring on a third party to help you run your business, but quality consultants for dentists are worth their salt. Their combination of experience, diligence, and willingness to succeed will benefit you much more in the long run than trying to do it yourself. Instead of having to try and run your dental practice on a spreadsheet and the seat of your pants, you can get back objective data that will help you out if you only decide to take heed of it. When you’re in need of consultants for dentists that will help you run your practice more efficiently and productively, be sure to reach out to OnTimeBooks for a consultation and more information. It might just be the best investment you ever make in your practice!

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