Over 20% Of New Hires Leave Their Jobs Within Two Months Why You Should Hire Staffing Agencies

You send out applications that get far too many unqualified entries. You sit down for an interview process that seems to go smoothly…only to end up with a premature departure. How can your business go on like this?

The short answer? You can’t. The long answer, however, is a lot more hopeful. Opportunities for employment abound, but it takes a keen and skilled approach to make sure they’re matched to wit. Staffing agencies are able to offer your business the insight and skill necessary to ensure you’re finally filling up vital spots in your team.

Not sure what a recruitment agency does, exactly? Here are five useful elements that can offer your business so you’re swimming, not sinking.

Employee Turnover Is A Serious Issue That Costs You Big Bucks

This is one issue you’re already deeply familiar with. Most businesses today are. Employee turnover not just costs you money, but can cause a snowball effect that only gets worse down the road. Recent estimates have determined at least $10 billion is lost every year to employee turnover alone. When you reach out to staffing agencies you offer them the chance to figure out the holes in your business model and how they can be filled.

Employee Retention Can Be Encouraged Through Better Training

The cure to employee turnover is focusing on employee retention. This process is best done with staffing agencies on your side, helping you look at each problem individually to create a more effective whole. While you also need to work on your application and interview process, a proven method to reduce employee turnover is establishing employee recognition programs. Over 85% of companies today with employee recognition programs, such as employee of the month, have cited a notable increase in worker happiness. That’s not all a job agency can do.

Diversity Isn’t Just A Buzzword, But A Reflection Of The Economy

Your hires should reflect your customer base. Anything less and you’re asking for reduced profits down the road. McKinsey’s research has been devoted to studying the impact of gender-diverse and ethnically-diverse hiring practices across several industries. Gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform their peers, while ethnically-diverse companies yield a 35% higher probability of improvement. You can better assess this through an improved interview model.

Interview Models Need To Be Adjusted Accordingly

A good way to screen for ill-fitting employees is through an improved interview and application model. While it’s impossible to only hire long-term employees, it is possible to increase your chances of a more suitable workforce. A recent study found at least 45% of human resource professionals say retention is their greatest concern, followed close behind by employee engagement. New hires that undergo more structured on-boarding programs are up to 60% more likely to be with the company after three years. This means scheduled training, useful seminars, and constant communication.

Job Placement Agencies Can Give You A Leg Up

Staffing agencies aren’t there to hand you perfect employees on a platter. They’re available to help you figure out the weak spots in your business model and bolster them so you can finally grab the future you desire. Over 20% of new hires today leave their jobs within a month and a half of being hired. The costs of employee turnover can cost between 30% and 150% of the employee’s overall salary. Dallas temp agencies will walk you through application procedures and diversity training to make sure you’re not left in the dust.

Staff your team with a little extra help. Reach out to staffing agencies in your area and create a workforce that’s built to last.

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