How a Digital Business Sign Can Improve Your Business Overall

Forget that painted plywood that businesses used to use in the past when they were trying to grab the attention of customers. There are many other types of signs that are grabbing the attention of customers in our modern times, such as digital signs for businesses. Business signage, as you will find, is one of the most helpful ways to gain attention within your business that will keep customers coming back. It isn’t just the sign, but the overall personality of your business. There is something compelling about a business that uses outdoor LED signs instead of your typical wood.

The Importance of Outdoor Digital Signs for Businesses

Did you know that, according to statistics, 35% of people wouldn’t have discovered a business if it hadn’t been for the sign out front? Many people just pass on by businesses every day because they are lacking a sign altogether or the sign is so small and insignificant, or difficult to read, that they don’t even notice it like they would if the sign had stood out. Studies show that changing or updating a sign can help improve sales revenue overall within a business. In fact, getting a larger sign can secure sales by an astounding 7.7%. If you decide that you’re going to place a billboard in an area where you know there is a lot of traffic, this can also improve the likelihood that more people are going to visit your business. In fact, 32% of poll respondents visited a retailer that they saw on a billboard earlier in the week.

Did you know that up to 68% of people make shopping decisions when they are driving around in their car due to the signs and advertisements they see along the way? Many people will find out that you’re holding a special event, have special sales, and many other aspects that immediately grab their attention rather than just noticing your small business inside a building when they’re driving on by. Most people won’t take their eyes from the road long enough to notice that your business is sitting on a corner somewhere, or be able to read a sign that isn’t LED or immediately stands out.

No matter where you’re planning on placing it, outdoor LED business signs can help improve your chances of making sales. Perhaps it is time to purchase one for your business!

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