Setting up a Sign

Advertising and promoting a local event or shop can be done easily on the Internet and mass media, and businesses often invest a lot in online advertising campaigns. But this is not the only way to draw people’s attention to local events or sales, and in some cases, making use of physical signs, whether electronic or not, is in fact the more practical method than launching an online campaign, such as a sale for a small shop that only has one location, or a school getting a marquee sign for local events like sports. A school marquee can be installed on the school campus and wired to display messages such as “HOMECOMING FOOTBALL GAME TONIGHT” or “PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES TONIGHT AT 6:00.” A school marquee can be a great investment for any campus, and a school marquee sort of sign may be used on a college campus as well, augmented with social media announcements like Twitter and more. Businesses can make use of full color LED signs for maximum effect, and local churches can use a church marquee sign, as can synagogues and temples. LED signs, in particular, can make use of how powerful and energy efficient LED lights are, and neon signs can also be used for bars and other establishments for a classic look. What are some other advantages of a school marquee, and how are signs in general useful?

The Power of Signs

The Internet and social media are powerful ways to communicate, but even so, they have not made physical signs obsolete, and in the of schools, churches and synagogues, and especially small businesses, an electronic sign can be much more cost effective than a widespread advertising campaign and can make use of how people perceive signs when they see them. For centuries, signs have been established ways to advertise a shop, a service, and discounts and sales, and this true to the modern day. Many statistics have been compiled about advertising methods, and this includes the power of signs, too. Often, a sign will promote a business alone very effectively; it has been shown that 35% of customers would not even have discovered a given business if it were not for a sign, and it has also been determined that 85% of a business’s potential customers will live within a five-mile radius of the building. For this reason, signs can easily spread the business’s name and recent deals to nearby pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and no online campaign may even be needed, since so many people are seeing those signs with their own eyes. In general, customers believe that a sign’s quality and message will accurately reflect the business’s own personality and quality, so having an effective and pleasant sign can go a long way to making a good impression, aside from the actual deals, sales, or discounts going on.

What should a sign look like? This may vary. Some signs are non-electronic, and use paint and other materials to create a message for customers to see. This can even involve chalk boards; sandwich or coffee shops may use a propped-up, double sided chalk board where the business owners may write messages in colorful chalk, then erase them and write new messages as needed. Other signs may be posters advertising a deal, and can easily be put up and taken back down. And there are also billboards, which are meant to be viewed by those who are driving, especially along highways and country roads, and advertisers can pay for the ad space to put up their message. Lights on the billboard may help light it up at night.

Meanwhile, electronic signs can be very useful, such as a school marquee or a marquee for a church or synagogue. These signs can easily be programmed with various messages for upcoming events for students, staff, or worshipers, and this also means that the message can be changed at any time to stay updated. Meanwhile, electronic ad signs for shops and other businesses can stand out with their electric glow, and they can be made from energy-efficient materials such as LED bulbs, which are rapidly growing in popularity. What is more, these signs can be easily seen at night or during rain, when visibility is lower.

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