Why You Need to Use Transportation Management Software

For any company that is doing freight shipping or is involved in transportation, using the proper freight broker software is going to be crucial. There needs to be great transportation management software working at all times to keep track of how many items are going out and when.

Around 15 tons of cargo were shipped in 2013, and that number is going to keep on growing. According to estimates by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that number should increase to 18.79 billion tons by 2040. that’s obviously a significant jump, which means that the business will continue to expand. As the industry expands, the more important it will become to have the right business practices going too. Some of that includes organization and how records are being tracked.

Using the right tms systems is not only important for the business to be able to keep track of what’s coming and going, but it’s also important to track thefts. Theft is an unfortunate circumstance but it is also expected from time to time. In just a portion fo 2016 there were approximately 615 cargo-theft incidents. When you know when it happened it’s easier to figure out where, why, and who was working at the time.

The fact that the industry is growing so significantly also means the rate of theft will most likely go up as well. Any business that is not paying attention to those statistics and making moves towards protecting their goods is going to be impacted by it. A lot of the shipping that is being done is within the retail market, especially now that so many stores have moved into online sales versus having a ton of brick and mortar stores. This is cheaper for clothing brands, and it is a trend that is likely to continue growing in the future. It’s getting easier and easier for individuals to drop ship their own designs on products as well.

It’s the perfect time to start working with some great transportation software. Freight broker software will have to be integrated with the current state of a business, which can take some time. Choosing the best freight broker software will make that transition and experience as easy as possible to ensure that the process goes seamlessly for all the employees involved at any given time.

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