Why Engineering Firms Matter

Updated 2/16/21

As residential and commercial projects continue to see a steady rise, the relevance of the different branches of engineering can not be overemphasized. These projects are made possible through the application of not just structural engineering, but all types of engineering branches as well.

A second area that demonstrates the necessity of engineering is the need to tackle pollution. As the world population continues to grow, pollution in various forms is on the rise. Water pollution has been of great concern in the US, with the use of pesticides accounting for a large percentage of this pollution. This problem can be curtailed through environmentally-friendly practices. These practices have led to the birth of different types of engineering programs designed to cover niche fields.

Power generation is yet another role of engineering practices. Coal-fired power plants continue to generate electricity in the United States through the implementation of various engineering concepts definition.

As the application of engineering grows, related jobs will continue to be created in various fields. This makes it pivotal to the economy and an industry that will stand the test of time.

Over the past twenty years, technology and science have absolutely taken off. The expansion of these fields has grown in ways that many people did not think possible. Now, we live in a world where science and engineering firms are some of the most important aspects of potentially advancing society.

The Earth must be treated well by human beings for us to live here for a while. If not, we could end up doing irreversible damage to the atmosphere that will make living on Earth a hassle, if not, impossible. So here are all of the facts that point to the sheer importance of the work done by engineering firms across the globe.

To understand the Earth geotechnical investigation is incredibly important. It will help us have a better understanding of the past, present, and also the future. Water quality monitoring is a huge deal in this realm of science as well.

About a quarter of all United States rainfall becomes groundwater. Groundwater provides much of the flow of many streams; many lakes and streams are windows to the water table. Studying groundwater will seem like a waste of time to someone that does not understand the work of engineering firms. But it is actually very important and can help scientists understand the Earth’s climate.

Approximately 500,000 new residential wells are constructed annually, according to expert estimates. The construction of these vitally needed water supply systems involves the use of more than 18,460 drilling machines by an estimated 8,085 groundwater contracting firms. Water is a huge deal to not just the human body but to the environment and all other animals and mammals on the planet.

Over two-thirds of all United States estuaries and bays are severely degraded because of nitrogen and phosphorous pollution. Water quality reports indicate that 45% of U.S. streams, 47 % of lakes, and 32% of bays are polluted. Without the work of engineering firms, we would not be able to know and understand this set of information and why it is importnat.

Americans use over 2.2 billion pounds of pesticides every year, which eventually washes into our rivers and lakes. Over 73 different kinds of pesticides have been found in U.S. groundwater that eventually ends up in our drinking water unless it is adequately filtered.

In 2015, Coal-Fired Power Plants supplied approximately 33% of U.S. electric power. According to the 2015 United States Annual Coal Report published by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, surface coal mining operations, located predominantly in the aforementioned region, provided between 26,000 and 37,000 U.S. jobs.

In Conclusion

There is no question that the work of engineering firms is going to be even more important as time moves on. Pollution is a problem that is only going to increase as time moves forward. This is because there are more and more people on the planet than ever before, and we are already making big changes to the environment that are not good. If you can support the work of engineering firms then you should definitely do so!

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