Five Tips to Find Qualified Employees During Low Unemployment Times

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Do you find it difficult to staff your business with reliable and hard working employees? As soon as the unemployment rate declines, it can be harder to get trusted employees. These tips will help you improve your hiring practices and find employees in places you have not yet thought to look.

Extend the hiring process
Extending the hiring process can give you more time to find qualified candidates. It can also give you a better opportunity to get to know the possible candidates, eventually leading to lower retention rates. Approximately 46% of human resource professionals say retention is their greatest concern, followed by employee engagement at 36%. Extending the hiring process can get you employees that better meet your business needs and are a better fit for the specific position.

Recruit new employees in the field
It can be difficult to draw an employee away from another company. They already have experience and job expectations. When you recruit employees that are new in the field, you can shape them to the businesses values and goals. Many of them have college experience but do not yet have on the job experience. You can find these types of employees through local college recruiting programs. You could also work with a recruiting agency that already has these established connections with the local colleges.

Use the services of staffing companies
One of the best ways to staff your business with qualified employees is to work with staffing companies. Staffing companies have connections with local employees, executives, and job recruiting boards. They often have the best connections and will have the easiest time finding you the most qualified employee candidates. Staffing companies are also specifically trained in hiring practices, meaning they can give you an experience that your HR team might not have.

Focus more on worker appreciation
Of course, you are in the market for new employees, but in the meantime, it is also important to take care of the employees that you currently have. Being down an employee can affect productivity and make it difficult for the rest of the staff. Failing to take notice of this and not giving appreciation where it is due can result in additional staff also leaving. About 57% of organizations view employee retention as a problem. Make sure you are taking the time to appreciate the employees that you do have.

Even implementing an employee recognition program can do wonders for business morale. About 86% of companies with employee recognition programs cite an increase in worker happiness. These employees are less likely to seek other employment opportunities and you can save costs by not having to hire, train, and market to fill their business position.

Increase the training time
Congratulations. You have found an employee that you think will be a great fit. The first step of a new employee is usually to onboard them and then to enroll them in a training program. Many employers are in a rush to get the new employee working, so they might rush through this process. It is important not to, however. In fact, increasing the training time can give the new employee more time to learn about the company and their expected job requirements. It can also give the employee more time to decide if the position is actually a good fit for them.

With lower unemployment rates, U.S. businesses are struggling to keep employees motivated and satisfied with their current position. It is important to choose new candidates in the right location, either through local college programs or by listing the employment opportunity with local job agencies. Increase current employee recognition and extend training programs. These steps should improve retention rate numbers and give you the most qualified and dedicated of employee candidates.

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