Are TMS with Load Board Integration a Smart Business Move?

Types of load boards

The transportation network consists of nearly 12 million trucks, locomotives, rail cars, and other vessels to move goods from place to place. When people think of shipping goods across the states, they usually don’t think about how their packages will get to them, unless the process is delayed in some way. But for those who work in transportation, finding jobs can require some assistance. A transportation management system (TMS) helps companies with their resource planning however, as specific addition can be incredibly helpful. This is why TMS with load board integration is so attractive.

Why TMS With Load Board Integration Is the Future of Transportation.

To simplify, TMS with load board integration allows drivers to find jobs. The term “load board” refers to the forum boards that allow drivers to find loads of goods that need to be transported. Some drivers are told what loads they will be taking, and others prefer to find their own, or work on their own. Either way, load boards can be a great source of information.

The Four Processes of Transportation Management.

The transportation management system is used as part of an enterprise’s resource planning. There are four main aspects to this process:

    1. Planning and Decisionmaking

    2. Transportation Execution

    3. Transport Follow-Up

    4. Measurement, or Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Why Use Load Boards For Arranging Transportation?

Experts recommend load boards for newer truckers looking to make some money, and to build a list of clients. Typically, load boards have the following features: a messaging board; reviews of clients; spot rates; and proof of FMCSA certification. TMS with load board integrations have some clear benefits. The sites are typically easy to use, with a clear display of the information necessary to choose a job. Some sites do charge a fee to use the load boards, however there are also many TMS sites that do not.

What to Known About Using a T.M.S. Load Board Integration.

The U.S. Department of Transportation expects loads to go from about $887 per ton in 2007 to about $1,377 by 2040. While many truckers find that they enjoy working with a distributor, many of those just starting out in their careers need to establish their reputation. This is where TMS with load board integration can help however, there is some work to even finding work. Many users find that on good days, it only takes between five and 10 phone calls to lock down a job. Other days may take more time to find one, if one can be found for the bottom rate and a good location.

Right now, load boards are certainly a benefit for those truckers wanting or needing to find jobs on their own. While a company can certainly have a TMS working alone as part of the resource planning system, it can be beneficial to integrate a load board feature as well.

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