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Understanding die cast products and what they do is not common in teh United States. As a matter of fact, it is safe to say that the average person knows very little about die casting and what is made from this process. However, most people would probably be pretty surprised when they find out what die casting does, how it works, and what is produced from the possible.

Die casting is involved in producing cars and even machines that can be found in certain homes across the nation. Die cast products are important to most people’s lives in the United States. Here are all of the facts that exist about die cast products.

Over 150 years ago in the year of 1838, die casting equipment was first invented for a certain purpose. The first die casting application of out of all the die casting applications involved producing movable type for the printing industry. So die cast products can be dated back to the start of print.

One of the most prominent materials that are found in die cast parts is aluminum which is at 80% and the second most common material is zinc. Just about 90% of all the aluminum used in buildings and vehicle parts are recycled when they are finished being used. Out of all materials on the market, aluminum is one of the most recycled materials and just about 75% of all aluminum produced in this nation is still being used today.

Throughout the auto industry, the only parts that are 100% recyclable are the die casting parts used to help build cars. The die casting cost is not expensive and that is why so many manufacturers are interested in making die cast products. The die casting process is important to many industries in the United States and it specifically is a very important part of the automotive industry right now.

Zinc alloys not only have a melting range that is between 380 and 390 degrees Celsius, but they are also the easiest metal to cast as well. Just about 90% of all manufactured products across the nation are using castings in some way. This is because these types of die cast products and materials help to improve the process in multiple ways.

There are two types of die casting machines that are the most prominent in the United States. These two machines are referred to as hot-chamber machines and cold-chamber machines. As you could imagine based on their names they both do different things that are almost the opposite of one another.

Across the United States, die casters will help to contribute just about $8 billion to the nation’s economy every single year. Die castings also help the car manufacturers that use it to build cleaner, safer, and much more efficient cars. As a matter of fact, the metal casting industry supplies at the very least nearly 100 castings in every lightweight vehicle produced across the country.

In Conclusion

There are plenty of industries in the United States that can legitimately benefit from using die cast products and die casting. This is because die casting involves using materials that help make the process of building products not only quicker but much more efficiently as well. These materials are recyclable and thus this helps the environment as well and cuts back on using materials that are not needed and reduces waste as well.

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