Increase Business with an After Hour Answering Service

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As a business owner, you may be considering the cost efficiency of having an after hour answering service. It may feel like an unneeded expense eating into your potential profits. However, the benefits of having an after hour answering service have the potential of being substantial.

Recent research shows that over 90% of people in the United States keep their mobile devices within reach 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Research also shows that nearly 80% of people in the United States will hang up if they call a business and get a voicemail. They will not leave a message and they may or may not call back at another time.

Callers are often even more turned off by automated messages than they are voicemail. Unless the call is urgent, most people will not sit through an automated message. Nearly 80% of people prefer to contact customer service by phone, opposed to online chats. Additionally, 80% of people reported they prefer talking to a customer service representative over any other option.

Consumer research suggests that U.S. companies are losing upwards of $41 billion a year due to poor customer service. This includes automated messages, voicemail, online chats, heavily scripted calls, and an inability to connect with an actual person.

While an after hour answering service is an extra expense, it can lead to a dramatic increase in profits due to the increased value of good customer service. When a company goes the extra mile to offer exceptional customer service, they will receive an increase in word-of-mouth marketing. The customer service a company provides is something people talk about; good or bad. Offering exceptional customer service will result in more people looking to your company as a possibility.

With so many national companies utilizing automatic voice services, online chats in place of customer service, and international calling centers with heavily scripted calls that do not provide adequate information, many people are yearning for something better. They want their questions answered, they want their problems solved, and they want to feel like they matter in the bigger picture. Something as simple as offering an answering service with a real person answering the phone, who can answer questions and provide guidance can make all the difference in the world.

Offering a call answering service does not have to be expensive. While there are a variety of factors that may impact price, you can set up a cheap answering service. An after hours phone answering service is idea for service related businesses, trades, tech businesses, medical businesses, and more. While retail stores may not get the same benefit, any business with a service related product can.

Offering tech support or access to professionals in off hours allows customers to get help when they need it on their schedule.

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