Ash Wastewater is just one of the Contaminants Impacting Groundwater

Ash wastewater

Waste water treatment plants take polluted water and clean it through a serious of carefully regulated processes in an effort to remove pollutants, so the water can be released back into local waterways.

Primary and secondary water treatments remove between 85% and 95% of pollutants found in wastewater. The water is then disinfected and released into the local waterways.

Over recent history, ground water has been high contaminated. Nearly 70and of industrial waste makes its way into the water supply, and over 80% of the serious hazardous waste sites in the United States has negatively impacted ground water quality. Only 3% of all the water on Earth is fresh water, and ground water accounts for 95% of the available fresh water in the United States.

There are over 15,000 chemical spills each year, and almost 15% of all wells tested came back positive for pesticides. One study showed that nearly 80% of water pollution is caused by domestic sewage.

Groundwater contamination is a serious problem with several sources. One source is from coal ash. Coal ash wastewater poses a significantly problem by having a directly negative impact on groundwater. Groundwater contamination comes from anything that enters the water that does not belong and can pose a potential health threat.

Ash wastewater may not be as significant of a threat as other contaminants, but it is a clear problem. This is particularly a problem in areas like West Virginia were coal mining is an important part of the local economy.

Groundwater remediation is a process of cleaning the groundwater to ensure it is safe for use. It works to remove contaminants and clean ash wastewater as well as all other types of wastewater that negatively impact the ground water.

Recent news stories have brought to light the importance of clean drinking water and the need for intervention in situations where the groundwater is actively being contaminated. Industrial wastewater treatment is an industry in and of itself due to the clear need for such services. A wastewater treatment specialist is trained to deal with the specific issues being faced in different industrial settings regarding groundwater contaminants.

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