How to Close Your Summer Rental for the Season

Closing your cottage home can be a laborious weekend. The end of summer may be a time when many people decide to close their properties for the season. While it could be a sad phase of the year for those who enjoy the summer heat and all that it offers, it is essential to appreciate all of the great memories and consider how to close your summer rental appropriately.

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Examine the interior and exterior of your home to see if it has been damaged. Make a checklist based on what you discover and decide whether it should be repaired now or when you access your home next spring. Some items to inspect include roof, chimney, trees over your property, siding, foundation, and outbuildings.

During the winter, vacant summer homes might become prime targets for thieves. Consider setting up a security system if you usually leave valuables at home. Additionally, eliminate all food and sanitize with a bacteria-killing disinfectant. After cleaning it, leave the freezer doors open to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

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