6 Essential Steps For Nailing Your Listing Presentation

Realty is a business that relies heavily on communication, with the realtor as a pivotal point for every part of the transaction. Your ability to communicate effectively and professionally is the very first thing a client sees, and that will set a precedent for the entire experience.

Your standard for professionalism starts with your very first message or meeting. Prompt, constructive responses to concerns are highly effective at instilling a sense of trust in the people you’re working with. This may sound strange, but you also can’t forget that moving is often a very personal process.

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Understanding your client’s feelings about it can ease communication and smooth the process. This is a part of basic customer service etiquette but is easy to forget in such a busy world.

The next step is ensuring your information is accurate and up to date. Processing a home listing means collecting comparative specifications on the market so that your client knows their options. It should be a focus of yours to make this process manageable and make this information digestible to clients. From here, you can build upwards. Your deals, like anything, will fall through without the proper foundation.


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