Essential Steps to Becoming a Plumbing Contractor

Many plumbers and technicians in other jobs look forward to becoming contractors themselves. The possibility of managing a large project and team is one of the reasons why. Additionally, being a contractor means more money in their pockets. The video provides an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide for aspiring plumbing contractors.

The main thing you need to become a plumbing contractor is experience.

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You will require an apprenticeship with another contractor. Depending on where you live, there are time limits for how long the training lasts. Afterward, you need to get a journeyman license. It proves that you have completed an apprenticeship and have passed a required trade test. You are a journeyman for another few years before you have the requisite skill to apply for a contractor license.

After you have acquired plumbing skills and knowledge, you need to get business skills. Take a class and pass the test on how to run a business and law. Write down a business plan to map out how you will manage it. Before you can start calling potential customers, apply for a contractor license and insurance for your business. It is hard to get large contracts without these.

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