Moving Your Virtual Business to a Brick and Mortar Store

Moving from digital to in-person can be a huge transition, as we have seen in the past few years. Operating a school in-person is wildly different than an online class, and running your own business is no different. If you are ready to bring your virtual store to the storefront, you are going to have to put many hours into planning, designing, and being flexible with your plans. In this video, we will look at several pieces of advice that business owners give for moving from online to in-person in your small business.

First of all, you want to create a brand aesthetic for your store. Reflecting the color palette and elements of your website into your store design is crucial, as is making branded signage and fitting furniture choices.

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Hiring a commercial contractor will help you get the store setup of your dreams. Incorporate elements of your product’s brand in your decor choices, and always opt for simpler and cheaper options when you are starting out. You want to be comfortable paying your monthly rent bill, so cut down on costs whenever you can. Time management and budgeting are crucial to opening a storefront.


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