How to Find Office Space for Sale

When you have a business, operating out of your garage or basement isn’t going to cut it, you’ll need to find office space for sale. Keep reading to learn how you can find office space for sale.

Before you begin your search, it is important to understand exactly what your needs are. You’ll need to consider things like how much square footage you need, what part of the city you would prefer to be in, what amenities are desired, and your preferred least term.

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Having these things identified ahead of time will help you narrow down the spaces you are considering.

One option to find office space for sale is to drive around. If you know what area you would prefer to be in, you can drive through those areas and look for leasing signs. When there is office space for sale, there will be a leasing sign with contact information, the company’s website, and even rental rates.

You can also visit broker websites. Broker websites provide available suites and sizes, rental rates, contact information, and more.

Another option is to explore LoopNet. Loopnet is a free commercial real estate listing website. This is a great option for those without access to a paid system so you can still get an idea of what properties are available on the market.

If you still are struggling to find office space for sale, a tenant broker will be able to help you.


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