Getting The Best Of Your Customer Service Training

Disney Traditions is an important program for promoting the Walt Disney Company’s mission. However, you can’t merely deliver a motivational program and expect everyone to grasp the message before sending them off to do their tasks. On-the-job training is an important component of a successful onboarding process. If done correctly, Disney’s on-the-job training connects what new cast members have learned in Disney traditions with how those concepts apply to the specific job they will be performing. If done incorrectly, there will be a mismatch between what that energizing first day demonstrated and what comes after.

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The fundamental component of Disney’s success strategy is the on-the-job trainer.

On-the-job training should represent the company’s culture and values. It’s just as vital to educate technical skills as it is to teach attitude. Trainers should be carefully selected not only for their technical talents but also for their ability to mirror and reinforce the culture of the organization. Don’t merely assign new hires to the person who is most convenient for them. It should be a privilege to be chosen as a trainer.

I learned about different learning styles and effective practices for ensuring that my trainees comprehended the instruction I was providing throughout my training at Disney.

In your company, how do customer service trainers get chosen? Are they picked as role models with consideration, or are they simply the most convenient customer service trainers?


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