Staying in Business During the Challenges of the Pandemic Is Essential

Contractual disputes, corporate investigations, and employment discrimination cases require an investment of both time and money. Knowing that your business should proactively be prepared for such challenges, of course, means that there are many ways in which companies can be better positioned for the legal challenges they may face. It is no secret that we live in a time when legal battles are everywhere from the political world to personal injury cases, and hiding your head n the sand and pretending that you will not legal help with your company is more than naive, it can be disastrous. Just as any business owner does his or her due diligence when it comes to background checks for new hires and filing the correct papers to avoid patent disputes, it is also important to make sure that you have the right legal counsel in place in the event you eve have to face corporate investigations.

Being Prepared Is Always the Best Plan for Both Large and Small Businesses

You know some of your customers are the choir, so you have asked all of your small bakery patrons to forgive you for preaching, but you have recently found that you have a lot to say. As a small business you have once again been hearing an increasing number of complaints about your decision to offer curbside service exclusively at this time. You have heard that it is inconvenient, that you really should allow one to two people inside at a time, and that some of your customers will not be coming back because of the hassle. It is disheartening to get this feedback and to feel like you are disappointing your customers, so you have spent some more time with a lawyer you have on retainer and you want to share a few of the reasons why you are doing what you are doing.

First of all, Covid cases are as high as they have ever been in your area and they are increasing. The rise in the numbers is largely due to relaxed bar, restaurant and event policies and the failure of local and state leadership to enact appropriate safety measures. Like all of your customers, you and your staff have families, and some have infants or elderly parents and you need to keep them healthy. As a result, you realize that reducing your potential exposure is crucial.

This bakery is your livelihood. You have a small staff and if one of your staff gets sick, you have to close and quarantine. It has already been a year of financial hardship and shutting down, especially during the holidays, and a total two week closure would put you at risk of closing the doors permanently.

It is about to get very cold in many parts of the country. If you begin opening the lobby to even one or two guests, that means everyone else waits in line in the cold. Curbside pickup, however, allows you to serve more people and allows your customers to sit in their warm cars while staff bring the treats directly to you.

the current situation is not ideal, and you wish so badly you could welcome customers into your space again, but there is simply too much at stake. In the meantime, you are doing your best to serve as many customers as well as you can, which means continuing curbside service until sometime next spring or summer. You are so appreciative of the support of your sweet customers who are willing to do what it takes to purchase your sweet treats. One of the best parts of operating this way has been getting to know everyone by name as you deliver goods to their cars, but you look forward to a time in the future when things can return to normal.

Whether you are a small business who is making necessary delivery adjustments or you are a larger business who is dealing with corporate investigations, it is important to know that you are getting the best economic and legal advice that is available. Waiting until there is a problem and them having to search for help with corporate investigations can be problematic. Planning ahead is a far better approach.

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