Using Mediation To Solve Patent Disputes

Getting to resolve contractual, commercial employment, corporate investigation, bankruptcy, and patent disputes can be challenging. You have to get through the court system, have a competent lawyer, probably pay high attorney fees, and fight long court battles. However, there is still a way out of that. This can be through using alternative dispute resolution methods. One of the most popular alternative dispute resolution strategies is mediation. You can have the patent disputes solved in a better way without having to go through court. In return, some benefits come with mediation. The advantages of mediation include:


Reaching a proper settlement for the patent dispute at hand comes at a cost. If you are planning to go through the court, you will need to have a lawyer, which means you have an expert to pay. The attorney fee you are likely to pay can be costly. You find yourself digging deeper into your pockets to ensure the person who is representing you gets paid.
The beauty of mediation is that it saves you from the huge attorney fees. You also do not have to spend on the process of searching for a reliable attorney. Being on the verge of losing your patent through dubious means should not also bring forth the burden of spending a lot of money to receive justice. Fortunately, justice can still be served through alternative dispute resolution methods. Mediation and arbitration will come in handy to help you solve patent disputes without having to spend a lot of money.

Saves Time

The beauty of alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation helps reduce the time of getting justice. The parties in the patent dispute can choose a timeline which they expect the issue to have received a perfect solution. With that in mind, mediators are likely to work to the best of their ability to listen to both parties and provide a perfect solution for the dispute at hand. The process does not have to be sluggish akin to fighting court battles. For that reason, more people are now switching to alternative dispute resolution methods. The aim is to have the issue at hand dealt with quickly to allow the parties involved to pursue other agendas of great significance. There is also no time of having to engage in the process of recruiting an attorney. That can be stressful in itself. With the high number of attorneys in the market currently, finding one that you can confidently entrust with your case cannot be that easy. You will need to do your homework thoroughly.

Reaching A Disputes Finality

There is always that urge to resolve patent disputes by ensuring a proper resolution is arrived at. However, that is never easy. If you decide to go to court, the prices will be derailed for a long time. However, there is a way you can avoid having to go through those long court battles. It is no secret that they are frustrating and stressful. But using alternative dispute resolution methods such as meditation will provide that finality to your contract dispute or various patent disputes that have been a headache to many innovators. The solution at the end of the mediation process is that both parties will be satisfied with the decision arrived at. This does help save on time that would have been spent on appealing the case or changing your attorney. It is expensive, stressful, and time-consuming.

Choosing A Mediator

The good news about mediation is that there is always the opportunity to select a mediator. This is a person well qualified in listening to both parties and finding a favorable solution. Therefore, the decision-maker is one person who will carefully listen to all the parties in the issue to arrive at a conclusive solution. This does help in preventing the escalation of the conflict likely to emanate from patent disputes.


Mediation does come with several benefits, especially when it comes to resolving patent disputes. There is the ability to save on time, money and also provide a sense of finality to the dispute at hand. Most importantly, the parties get to choose a suitable mediator who will listen to them before arriving at a decision that is a perfect solution. Justice is always beckoning when using alternative dispute resolution methods.

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