Noisy Call Centers Are Bad For Workers And Customers Alike The Soundproof Phone Booth For Office

Concentration and comfort are two elements of the workspace that can go overlooked. This is disastrous for both your employees and your business model.

Look at your call center, for example. How is a worker supposed to do their job to the fullest if there are constant outside distractions getting in the way between them and focus> When you build a phone booth you need to do more than just install a quality phone service and comfortable chair. You need to go above and beyond to provide the most conducive environment possible. Phone booth office design is a mixture of traditional space and modern technology, muffling excess noise and providing a soothing visual appeal that speaks true to your workers.

What makes a soundproof office booth different than a standard cubicle? It’s time to find out.

Where there’s a business, there’s a need to build a phone booth. Despite the Internet making it easier than ever to enjoy all kinds of communication, simply calling the phone is still a feature that hasn’t died out. Overlooking this blend of the old and new potentially puts your employees at risk and also makes you seem less effective in the eyes of your customers. Who wants to spend 15 minutes on a call that’s filled with excess noise on the other line or constantly cutting out? Not you, not your employees and certainly not your loyal consumer base.

Here’s the number one reason people today get frustrated when calling companies for tech support or grievances…they’re not able to speak to a human being right away. Yes, even with the advent of accurate automated messages people still want to know their concerns are being given a personal touch. A recent study only cemented this unfortunate attitude, finding out American companies lose over $60 billion every year to poor customer service alone. To build a phone booth with superior design is to go straight to one of the roots of the problem.

Did you know a consumer will wait on hold for an average of 10 to 11 minutes before hanging up? That’s not a lot of time to cement a first impression that’ll last for years. Add to that an interesting consumer survey that found 35% of Americans admitting they would switch customers after just one instance of poor customer service and you have a potential recipe for success in a new office phone booth alone. When you give your workers a better space to recline, focus and encourage a better one-on-one interaction, everyone wins at the end of the day.

Let’s look at the structure of a soundproof phone booth for office and how it counts. Specialized studies have determined soundproofing an office can improve worker concentration by an impressive 45%. Soundproofing an office can also reduce the amount of conversational distracts by half, ideal for helping a worker focus better on the little details that matter in customer service interactions. Last, but certainly not least, soundproofing a phone booth can reduce work errors by 10%. Imagine how much money that would save in a year.

From a hotel that’s managing a higher influx of customers to a tech support building that needs to provide a steady stream of consultations, the private phone booth for office is an irreplaceable part of the American economy. Today over 70% of the United States’ workforce (that’s 100 million people) are ‘knowledge’ workers, spending dozens of hours every week in open office environments. These noisy call centers and cluttered cubicles constantly put workers’ concentration at risk and leave your customers frustrated. A simple renovation to soundproof your walls and customize your furniture will have a ripple effect that can be felt for miles.

Concentration and comfort are important ingredients for workers and customers. Build a phone booth with better soundproof design and watch these elements fall in place.

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