The Importance of Signage In The United States And All Around The World

From the use of the life size poster to the custom real estate sign, there is no doubt about it that signs are hugely important in the world as we know it, particularly here in the United States. In fact, the average person living here in one of the fifty states is likely to see as many as three thousand advertisements and other such signs (like the life size poster) over the course of just one single day.

And signs like the life size poster can be used to advertise many different things, not just goods and services. As many as fifty eight percent of all adults have seen a sign that advertised an event that they later went to, and the same percentage of adults in the United States also went to a restaurant that they saw advertised on a sign. The typical life size poster can be placed just about anywhere, and a life size poster, if smartly designed, can garner as many as sixty more views per month – and typically no less than fifty.

Aside from the life size poster, there are many other different types of signs that are popular for advertising purposes all throughout the United States. From display boards to fundraiser banners, there is no shortage of creativity when it comes to signage. Other examples of signage aside from the life size poster include green eco friendly signs, yard signs, and even wall decals.

Though we all know the importance of having signage where the most possible people will see it, it is also important to have signage directly in your place of business. In fact, having on site signage is such an effective advertising tool that it has been compared to having twenty four full page, full color newspaper adds throughout the span of time of just one single year. And among businesses who had signs advertising their full price merchandise, their sales increased by as much as twenty percent (when compared to those stores that did not have such advertising in the form of on site signage).

The quality of the signage that you display is also hugely important, as up to seventy percent of all consumers and potential customers base the quality and trustworthiness of their business directly off of the quality of any given sign. You want your sign to be clear and concise, but still very exciting and incredibly engaging. You want your sign to draw in views, but also appeal to a wide variety of customers.

Many things will go into the creation of a good signage. For one, choosing the size of your sign is hugely important. If you choose the wrong sign for your signage, you are not likely to have much success with it. If a sign is too big for the location that you choose for it, then you run the risk of having it alienate customers and feel altogether very overwhelming. On the other hand, if you have a sign that is far too small for the location that you have chosen for it, it is all too likely that it will simply not attract any attention at all.

And some signs, while they might be ideal for one location, will simply not be ideal for another, different location. The colors on a sign must also fit the venue and must be eye popping without being too extreme. Font choice is another factor of any size, from the life size poster to the customer banner or even the custom wall decal and custom wall decor that you might be interested in choosing for you advertising purposes, whatever it is that they might be.

Though we don’t think about them consciously, signs play an important role in just about all of our lives. They influence where we go as well as what we buy and the events that we want to attend. We need signs and advertisements more than we realize – after all, how would we know what we wanted if we did not yet know what was out there and available to us.

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