How to Spot a Fire Sprinkler in Need of Repair

Every property should have a good fire sprinkler system in place. A good fire sprinkler design will ensure that you install your sprinkler in the right place. Property owners have an option to install a normal sprinkler or an automatic water sprayer. Automatic sprinklers will be triggered every time a need for extinguishing fire arises. Automatic sprinklers should be installed as prescribed by the National Fire Protection Association.

Most property owners choose the wet pipe system, which is one of the most affordable sprinkler systems. However, they can also choose the dry pipe system, especially if their buildings require that they keep their temperatures above 40 degrees.

The price will vary from one contractor to another. The price of the sprinkler system will also be determined by the type of sprinkler system that you install. For instance, a dry pipe system will cost more than a wet pipe system.

Most businesses have a fire evacuation strategy and an arsenal of fire extinguishers, but if you aren’t regularly monitoring your fire sprinklers, your building could still be at risk. Fires in hotels and motels result in approximately 15 deaths annually, yet businesses that are properly equipped with fire sprinklers tend to have nearly no casualties. If you haven’t had a visit from a fire sprinkler inspection service recently, here are a few signs that you’re due for a walk through.

There’s No Documentation, or Documentation is Outdated

Commercial buildings are required to be checked regularly for working fire sprinklers. Your company should keep adequate records of past fire inspections, and if they don’t, it could be time to schedule an inspection from a fire sprinkler inspection service.

There’s Obvious Corrosion or Improper Installation

When fire systems do fail, it’s often a result of improper installation. If you can see that the fire sprinkler is not installed properly, or if it doesn’t look quite right, you should call in a fire sprinkler repair service. Likewise, a fire sprinkler that appears corroded should be replaced. If there is rust present, you should consider inspecting the water lines as well, as they may have a leak.

The Sprinkler is Exposed to Water or has Little Access to Power

Is your water heater in an older building, one where there are frequent leaks and power outages? If so, your fire sprinkler may not be functioning properly. Somewhat surprisingly, your fire sprinklers should be kept dry when not in use. Sprinklers that are consistently damp run the risk of freezing or overheating, which can cause system failure. Similarly, fire sprinklers only operate when they have a sufficient, consistent power source. A fire protection company may recommend upgrading your power supply to ensure your building is up to code.

Work with a Quality Fire Sprinkler Inspection Service

A staff member may be able to spot an issue with a fire sprinkler, but you still need a fire sprinkler inspection service to test the system every few years. Fire protection companies can also discuss installation and repair if anything is amiss with your system to protect you, your clients, and your staff.

Never take a chance with the lives of your clients and staff members. With the proper fire sprinkler installation, you can protect your business and the people you serve everyday from the unexpected.

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