3 Commonly Held Beliefs About Commercial Sprinkler Systems, Debunked

Commercial sprinkler systems are a great way to make sure your business is safe and that it is protected from the potential destruction of a fire. Sprinklers are a great way to protect the business and make sure your assets and your investment is safe. When it comes to sprinkler system maintenance, sprinkler system repair is one of the most important aspects. Commercial sprinklers can be hard to maintain but with the right services and the right company, your sprinklers can be well maintained.

When having your sprinkler system installed or maintained, it is great to find the best rated irrigation controller for your needs, to make sure that if you do get cheap sprinkler repair it is reliable, and that you get the right fire prevention sprinklers. Sprinklers are a required item if you do have a rented or leased space in order to make sure that you are going to have the business protected. Sprinklers can be hard to maintain, and in some cases, you may be wondering do plumbers fix sprinklers, and some do. When it comes to repair, it is important to get the right repairman and to make sure that the sprinklers are working well.

Tampa fire protection

Fires happen. And in the event of a building fire, all businesses and apartment complexes should be prepared and should be equipped with a commercial fire protection system. As a business owner or landlord, it is your responsibility to keep patrons and employees safe from the potential havoc and damage of a fire if it were to occur.
Among the most popular fire protection options out there, commercial fire sprinkler systems are some of the most trusted, despite their less-than-shining previously held reputation.

Here are three commonly held myths about fire sprinklers that you should know before considering fire sprinkler installation:

Myth: Sprinklers can cause more extensive water damage than the fire itself can.
While yes, water damage may be inevitable, it is in no way comparable to the damage a fire can incur on a property. If a blaze is left unchecked and unextinguished, it can easily burn an entire building to the ground — even causing damage to structures and areas surrounding the building. Additionally, sprinklers release a significantly smaller amount of water than fire hoses do, and with a significantly smaller amount of pressure. In fact, water hoses release a whopping 80 to 125 gallons per minute, resulting in water damage.

Myth: A smoke detector is all you need.
While smoke detectors are important for alerting residents of potential hazards, it does nothing to keep the flames at bay and to extinguish the fire once residents have successfully evacuated the building.

Myth: When a fire happens, it will trigger every sprinkler in the building
This is just plain untrue. According to trusted manufacturers, sprinkler heads are activated one-by-one when exposed to temperatures above 155 degrees Farenheit. This means that only units that are in direct proximity to the fire will turn on. To back this, a recent report stated that 91% of structure fires used at least one sprinkler; and even though only the ones in proximity went off, it served as a safe and effective means of fire extinguishing.

Now that you know the truth about fire sprinkler systems, you should consider them for your commercial office space or apartment complex.

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