How a Medical Answering Service Can Save a Life and Your Practice

Doctors answering service

We’ve all been in the following situation: You call a business for assistance with a particular problem, but you are told that,” all of the customer service representatives are assisting other callers,” and you end up stuck on hold for an indefinite amount of time. You hang up in frustration, disappointed with your customer service experience. Given the opportunity to find assistance elsewhere, you are not likely to return to the business that did not seem to value your time or patronage. You are not alone; 80% of people will hang up the phone as soon as they hear a voicemail, and three-quarters would rather receive a call back than to wait on hold. This is a common scenario, and on average, American brands are losing around $41 billion every year due to poor customer service. Now imagine that you own the business that is consistently losing customers, patients, or clients due to long hold times. Your employees are stretched thin with the amount of calls they are taking, and some important calls just slip through the cracks. This can be equally frustrating for those on both sides of the problem.

To avoid this devastating issue, many businesses are choosing to employ a call answering service. With a live answering service, representatives work remotely to help you pick up more calls and ultimately address the needs of more customers. An after hours phone service is also beneficial to acknowledge the questions and concerns of callers after the office has closed.

For doctors, a 24 hour answering service could actually save a life as well as your business. The best medical answering services provide fast answering times, can address a patient’s concerns, and are fully HIPAA compliant. Representatives at medical answering services are real people. They provide two of the most important elements of the customer service experience: emotion and empathy. Your patients will not be receiving heavily scripted messages, which lack the essential factor of human connection necessary when a person is in distress. As a medical professional, you can rest assured that your patients are experiencing a stress-free service encounter.

As a consumer, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable knowing that your needs are a priority for any business you frequent? When there is always someone available to answer your call, you can be sure that they value your time and well-being.

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