A Guide to a Campsite Business for Sale

Across the United States, camping is one of the most popular activities for many Americans. This should not be surprising considering how much people enjoy vacations and traveling. as a result, there are plenty of great benefits that can come from investing in a campsite business. However, buying and maintaining the right campsite business for sale is no small task!

There are some important factors to consider and understand when you are getting ready to set up RV parks and campsite business for sale. RV campgrounds for sale will be a great bet because this is a popular activity and there are certain features you can use to enhance your business. Here are all of the facts on the guide to running a campsite business for sale:

There Are Lots Of RV Campers

Estimates show that across the United States, there are nearly 30 million people that consider themselves to be RV enthusiasts. This even includes people who go out and rent RVs for a long weekend trip for some fun camping. As a result, you can attract plenty of RV Campers when you decide to get involved with one of the campsite business for sale.

In the United States today, there are more than 12,000 RV-related business functioning and operating right now. These businesses have a combined annual revenue of nearly $38 billion. As a result, it is easy to understand why this is such a strong industry for investors to get into. Especially because there are plenty of customers outside of just RV enthusiasts.

Camping In General Is Popular

Recent data was gathered which suggests that over 60% of all campers over the age of 16 are either living with a partner or married. As a result, this means that many people who are grown adults enjoy camping. So there is a wide base of people to market your campsite business for sale to when you decide to get involved with this line of work.

A survey was conducted in which Americans were asked if they live with someone who has recently gone camping. This survey revealed that almost 60% of all households stated that they are living with someone who has recently gone camping. So camping is a really popular activity that will allow for campsite owners to make a good profit every year. However, most business will be local as just about less than half of all travelers want to go less than 100 miles away from their home while camping.

People Will Pay For Extra Services

Now, one might wonder what separates one campsite business from another campsite business. After all, the average person that does not camp may picture a campsite as an empty area that people park RVs in for a weekend. However, there are actually some unique features that can make a campsite business for sale a huge attraction for campers and travelers.

First and foremost, a Kampgrounds of America study revealed that one in five campers believed that it is valuable for a campsite to be friendly towards children. As a result, this means that it is important for a campsite to seem safe and positive. This will surely attract a great number of families towards the business!

A study was conducted in which campers were asked what they usually do when they camp. An overwhelming 78% of all campers said they really enjoy outdoor cooking while they are away camping. This includes grilling and cooking some outdoor foods like burgers, chicken, ribs, and steak. As a result, a successful campsite business for sale will have some places to cook that are safe and will not start fires.

A survey was conducted in which campers were asked to name thee things they believe are important with a campsite. One of these three things most commonly mentioned by these campers is free wifi. Therefore, any campsite business for sale that wants to stand out can invest in some wifi to help attract families and campers of all ages!

In Conclusion

Every year, there are so many campers that prepare for a weekend getaway. Therefore, there are plenty of customers for a campsite business for sale.

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