The Difference Between Temporary Staffing Agency and Executive Search Firm

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There is a thin line between corporate recruitment agency and temporary employment agency. But most people assume they mean the same thing when it applies to job placement. That could also be true because as their services are similar. However, the two have some unique elements, both fundamentally and operationally, that makes them different from each other. Here are some of the differences between executive and agency recruiters.

Temporary Staffing Agency
Temp firms are staffing agencies that source employees for temporary positions and jobs below the corporate level. Ideally, these agencies offer temp service for clients with short-term job opportunities, such as peak seasons, tax seasons, sudden employee turnover and harvest season. But perhaps they are known to fill up temporary positions left behind when an employee falls sick or to cover vacations.

Temporary staffing agencies cover temporary placements like office and administrative jobs, customer care services, middle managers, maintenance staff and even casual industry workers. Depending on your performance, you could start as a temporary worker only to end up with a permanent job. Some temporary agencies have an existing pool of applicants whom they work with on a retainer agreement basis. This allows them to post employees to temporary vacancies as they arise.

Employees who are placed by a staffing agency are paid directly by the agency plus they may be entitled to allowances, health plan, or vacation pay. And when the employer makes the temp job permanent, then that marks the end of the relationship between the staffing agency and the employee.

Executive Staffing Agency
Unlike the temp services, executive search firms specialize in hiring mid-to-top level executive jobs. These firms are commonly used in the corporate sector for opening likes Chief Executive Officers, Director, Manager, Vice President, Executive and Administrative Assistant.

Corporate staffing agencies look for qualified employees who match the specific job needs and the overall company?s business objectives. These firms are often accustomed to the company’s culture, which helps them to pick the right candidate for the job. They conduct vigorous interviews and thoroughly assess candidate’s ability, skills and qualification before forwarding them to the hiring manager.

In temp services, a candidate is literally employed by the staffing agency. But for administrative staffing, the employee is directly accountable to the company offering the job.

Whether you are going to use a temporary agency or an executive staffing firm, make sure you familiar with hiring firm policies as well as other important requirements before you agree on anything.

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